Amsterdam, Summer 2022 – The rumor might have reached you by now, for this will be our last Navy post. Our last season. Our way to say “see you later” because we do not like the idea of goodbye’s. 

The changes in the fashion industry and the world at large have triggered us to rethink our business and our future. Over time, we became super flexible with our showrooms and adapted to a nomad way of working. It led to the question “what is it, that we want to do next, after so many years in fashion?” The answer is: we do not know yet – but we want to explore new options and broaden our horizon. 

We sold our company at the peak of our success. 10 years of Navy Agency: building the agency, using our experience and creativity, working with passion for all of our beautiful brands, working with with all the top tier Benelux retailers and talented staff that feels as close as our own family. It has been our pleasure. Simple as that!

Leaping into the unknown might not be the easiest choice to make. Given the reactions we’ve got, it might seem strange to quit a thriving business. Although with a solid financial base and a healthy curiosity for the new, we are excited. Follow our story on @navyagency, to see what new roads we will be taking, what countries we will visit and eventually: what our next step will be. If you’d like to know, don’t be stranger and stay connected.

Grateful, hopeful and curious, that is what we are.
We hope to see you, somewhere, sometime, somehow.

Serge & Barbara