stands for hard work and dedication
fun and lightness

Founder Serge van Bemmel:

Navy Agency was founded in 2012, almost 10 years ago at the time of writing. It evolved naturally from working in the fashion industry for many years. I saw an opportunity and longed for something new. 

Meanwhile we are fortunate to work with the best retailers in the Benelux market. We represent strong and interesting brands. We believe in a firm partnership with the brands we represent as well the retailers we are targeting.

In general I can say that, as the founder, I prefer to keep things simple. Do I like the brand, or the store? Do we have a match? What is their strategy now, and in the future? Are the people behind it kind and respectful? In that case, we can start building the brand together with our partners. Here, our many years of experience comes into play. 

We are as professional and honest we can be, in everything that we do.

We care about people and our relations. 
We want to have fun – and still get the job the done.

We want to stay healthy.”

Currently, we maintain an office in Amsterdam but operate showrooms in both Amsterdam and Antwerp. During Fashion Week, we work from partner showrooms in Milan and Paris.

What’s in a name?
Serge explains:

Ever since I have been working in fashion, I have been drawn to the color blue. More specifically, navy blue: not too light, not too dark, not too purple, just the right classic navy color. It’s easy, fresh. It matches with most other colors. Even when it starts fading, it still has an interesting look and feel”.

Also noticeable is that, in wholesale and retail, navy is always a bestselling color – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Think of a navy wool coat, navy cashmere sweater, navy beanie, Indigo Blue denim, navy t-shirt and so forth. Nothing beats a good navy.

So, in 2012, when I started my own business in fashion as a Brand & PR agency, I immediately thought of the name NAVY AGENCY. I even considered adding the pantone number 276 to the name: NAVY 276 AGENCY

That being said, I have always been a sucker for these romantic pictures of sailors in the 50s and 60s, sailing to exotic places in navy blue uniforms. The old standard “world tour” of the British or US Navy in those days lasted almost a year without cell phones or WIFI. Sailing from harbor to harbor, to faraway places like Shanghai, Guam, Pearl Harbor or Manila… Meeting different cultures and people. Think of the adventure, and how good they all looked in their navy uniforms!

“We still use images of sailors on Navy ships wearing their faded uniforms. A little submarine accompanies our logo, connecting us to that era on the sea. Actually, it is an old stamp, I found in a thrift store upstate New York. I think it looks more brave than dangerous.”

Finally, my dad was a 1st officer in the Merchant Navy when he was young and still unmarried. He sailed large tankers and other cargo ships from Rotterdam to Surabaya Indonesia and many other places in his crisp pure white uniform. He was responsible for the long range communication through a morse code device. A far cry from the modern satellite phone. He told me many stories and I guess some of those got stuck in the back of my mind”.

Here he is, many years ago looking dandy in his NAVY uniform.